Windows Treatments and Energy Efficiency

When choosing between different types of window treatments, it’s important to consider not only the type of covering that appeals most to your personal aesthetic, but also to choose blinds, shades or shutters based on your energy-efficiency needs. At Oregon Blinds, our dedicated team of professionals has been helping homeowners and businesses in the Portland metropolitan area select the perfect window treatments for over 10 years. Locally owned and family-run, our company will work to fuse your need for energy efficiency with your individual taste, helping you choose the perfect window treatments for your home or office.

How Energy Efficiency Varies Between Window Coverings

As you decide between blinds, shades and plantation shutters, it’s crucial to choose a window covering style best suited to your energy needs, since doing so can help you save on heating and cooling costs. Most efficient at reducing summer heat gain, blinds allow you to control natural light and ventilation by adjusting the slats. Keeping your blinds completely closed and lowered during the daylight hours helps reduce heat gain for maximum efficiency. Some blinds can also be adjusted to block and reflect heat energy to keep your home or business nice and cool in the warmer months.

Functioning similar to blinds, plantation shutters work best for summer shading. The louvers can be adjusted to encourage light and ventilation to flood the room while rejecting heat gain and harmful ultraviolet rays. However, plantation shutters do not provide as much insulation in colder weather as shades do, making them best suited to conserving energy in more temperate conditions.

For a simple, effective solution throughout the year, seek out window shades. During the summer months, simply lower the shades on all sunlit windows to help save energy from dawn until dusk. In winter, it’s best to open every shade that receives direct sunlight during the day, and close them at night to conserve heat. Consider purchasing pleated or cellular shades designed with greater insulation to keep your rooms comfortable all year long.

Reduce Your Home’s Energy Consumption

Offering high-quality, custom window treatments from premium brands, Oregon Blinds is your one-stop destination for stylish and energy-efficient shades, blinds and shutters. Contact one of our highly experienced professionals today, or fill out our online form to inquire about energy-efficient options, request a quote or set up an in-home design consultation.

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Our Zero Liability Experience Guarantee

Many of our online competitors have the model of: “We will teach you to measure for your window coverings and if you make a mistake we will remake your window coverings for free.”

This sounds great until it actually happens and you have to wait another 2-3 weeks to get your window coverings. We understand that your time is valuable and we are going to measure for you to ensure that it is done correctly the first time.

As part of our customer experience we provide total clean up after installation and recycling of all recyclable materials leaving your house ready to go when we leave. We can provide a personal experience with competitive pricing and it will be done the right way the first time.