Oregon Blinds Community Outreach

Supporting the Community

As a family-owned, locally run business, we at Oregon Blinds believe in supporting organizations that share our beliefs. We proudly sponsor the following local nonprofits that look out for children and their families. They are run by top-notch people who live, work and raise their families in our community. Our support of them and their foundations are as much a part of our core business beliefs as the products and services we sell.

Please take a minute to visit their websites and see what great work they do for families and children in our community.

Thank you,
Derek and Mick Eberhardt and the Oregon Blinds staff

Hayden’s Helping Hands

Hayden’s Helping Hands supports families going through one of the toughest times any parent can imagine: the birth of a stillborn baby. This organization assists Oregon families dealing with these heart-wrenching experiences by paying for a portion or all of the medical expenses incurred during the hospital delivery.


Bald Faced Truth

Bald Faced Truth, an all-volunteer foundation, engages with children in the community by helping to pay for co-curricular activities such as music lessons and athletic endeavors, replacing equipment for local sports leagues and much more. By supporting BFT Foundation, Oregon Blinds is supporting the next generation by allowing them to experience things that we, as a community, want for our own children.

Bald Faced Truth Foundation