Window Blind Repair Services

Instead of installing entirely new window treatments, restore your broken shades or blinds to their former glory at a fraction of the cost with budget-friendly repair services from Oregon Blinds. As a locally owned, family-run business, our company offers prompt rehabilitation of damaged blinds and shades, revitalizing the interior aesthetic of your home or business. Serving the Portland metropolitan area, including Southwestern Washington, Oregon Blinds’s team of dependable professionals boasts 40 years of combined experience to exceed your expectations for quality repair services.

Effects Of Normal Wear And Tear

Over the years, window treatments encounter plenty of wear and tear, from opening your blinds every morning to let in natural light to closing your shades at night for privacy. As witnessed time and again, it’s common to come across broken or bent slats on your blinds. As a result, the damaged panels may need to be replaced with brand-new ones. In addition, blinds and shades often face problems with their cord locks, which are used to fasten window coverings at your desired setting. When cord locks do not function properly, you may face difficulties adjusting your window treatments to the ideal position. Other common issues you may encounter as your blinds and shades age include poor cord functionality – which may be fixed with restringing – blind tilt malfunctions and broken/missing wands.

Repair Your Damaged Window Treatments

Attempting to mend your broken blinds or shades may seem like a daunting, maybe even impossible task. Before undertaking a blind/shade repair yourself or making the decision to replace your broken window treatments altogether, consult one of the highly qualified professionals at Oregon Blinds. From woven blinds to roller shades, our trained and experienced repair experts may be able to fix your existing window treatments at a lower rate than purchasing new coverings. Our knowledgeable team is well-equipped to handle virtually any maintenance issue, from restringing blinds to replacing blind tilt mechanisms to swapping out blind or shade cord locks, so you can begin enjoying the privacy, style and functionality of your window treatments all over again.

Ask About Our Repair Services

If your blinds or shades are in disrepair, it’s important to have them looked at as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Contact us by phone or use our online form to request a quote for your damaged blinds or shades.

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Our Zero Liability Experience Guarantee

Many of our online competitors have the model of: “We will teach you to measure for your window coverings and if you make a mistake we will remake your window coverings for free.”

This sounds great until it actually happens and you have to wait another 2-3 weeks to get your window coverings. We understand that your time is valuable and we are going to measure for you to ensure that it is done correctly the first time.

As part of our customer experience we provide total clean up after installation and recycling of all recyclable materials leaving your house ready to go when we leave. We can provide a personal experience with competitive pricing and it will be done the right way the first time.